Hey there, I’m Florian Franken. I’m an actor, model and voice-over artist working worldwide and living in the Netherlands.


Florian Franken was born on March 2nd 1991 in Rotterdam. He got his looks of his Aruban father and Dutch mother. Ever since his youth he got fascinated by blockbuster movies, like Star Wars and Jurassic Park.

"Movies is such a powerful way to capture the imagination, take you on amazing adventure and touch your feelings, right from where you sit."

This motivated him to study the world of film & video. When he graduated in 2011 he decided that not only he would stand behind the camera, but also perform in front of it.

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"I believe very much in method acting: performing based on experiences...and a bit of imagination."

- Florian Franken


Florian completed several trainings and workshops, and played since in multiple short films and Dutch and Belgian tv-commercials/productions. He also presented a few documentaries and record his voice for tv-programs. Besides collaborating with teams from the Netherlands, Florian worked with teams from Belgium, Germany and the United States of America (Los Angeles).

In addition to performing in front of the camera Florian also creates movie productions and motion graphics for governments and companies under the name Motion X Design (part of Florian TV Network).

"In both my professional and personal life I'm very open minded and accessible. I love to work with all kinds of people and projects. I'm just a message away, let's get in touch and find out what I can do for your project."


See you soon,

Florian Franken